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Signed up with OS X Yosemite Beta program months prior to release and seeing this email 45 minutes ago, to my surprise made me jump out of my couch. It's sad to say that the OS X Yosemite Beta program has ended however it's a fresh new start for the consumers' to enjoy a robust great system now ready for download.

Please install the release version of OS X Yosemite. As a member of the OS X Beta Program, you will continue to be offered beta versions of OS X software updates on any Mac that you installed the beta on. However, if you prefer to stop receiving beta updates, you can download the final release.

What I am personally looking after in this release is the beauty of its simplicity - clean user interface and design. It's sleek, clean and just light - simply you go black or you go white opaque UI. Second is the Continuity feature, as I am writing this blog, I have been sending not just iMessages but text messages to friends and contacts. You can also receive calls just right from your desktop - well, I am using a Macbook Air 13" and not certain on non Apple devices if this is the case too.

Me and a friend, Michelle sending text messages just right on my desktop.
My iPhone 5 can be anywhere - take advantage of this Continuity feature, call and text using your OS X device.

Well, before I can lay my hands on the final release of OS X Yosemite, we here in the Philippines, still need to struggle to download the 5.16 GB operating system. We currently have that 5Mbps connection from Globe and got roughly 4 hours to download. Yes, patience.

Looking back on it's past OS X Yosemite Beta releases, here were the issues that I encountered.
  1. Viber on Desktop keeps hanging and shuts the machine down
  2. Google Chrome crashes when doing multiple photo or file upload either to Facebook or Gmail and any other web base platform
  3. No text messages yet just Voice Call feature on Continuity
  4. iTunes cannot detect multiple iOS devices as I currently have an iPhone 5 and an iPad, either detects one over the other
  5. AirDrop cannot detect other devices instantly. You need to toggle the Bluetooth button on and off and enable legacy devices to detect - will take you 3 to 5 minutes to detect other devices. Especially we have been using AirDrop with Grace on transferring files for work
  6. Shared (Network), detects non Apple devices too slow and is intermittent - sometimes working and sometimes not
  7. Opaque functionality - only had this feature on OS X Beta Release version 3. You have the option to have that white or black opacity on your User Interface
  8. Mail program works terribly bad on either POP / IMAP
  9. Continuity on calls, will take about 5 seconds for iPad or Mac to pick up the call and not simultaneous with the phone
  10. And a lot of constant hangs on the OS
Now getting pump up to install this final release of OS X Yosemite. Have you downloaded it already?

After completing our PADI Rescue Diving course at Neptune Diving Adventure, Moalboal, it was a perfect time to complete our 100 dives in preparation for our PADI Dive Master course. During these courses and trainings, it will be best to have your own set of gears - a comfortable mask with superior quality, a light weight buoyancy control device (BCD), a set of octopus and a regulator and perhaps a non so fancy dive computer. While looking around for a good mask, we came around with this Aqualung Sphera mask in Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply at Ramos Street, Cebu City.

A mask that don't fog

The Aqualung Sphera Dive Mask Features

This masks allows nearly 180 degree panoramic underwater vision, and its shape, modelled on the swimmer's face, has a smooth curved surface, offering exceptionally low drag.

The curved shape also makes it an extremely low-volume masks (best fit for Asian, meaning mubog ilong, enough to touch your short Asian nose). 

The lenses are made of Plexisol, an exclusive material that, compared to glass, has a superior transparency, one-tenth the weight, and twenty times the resilience. Plexisol has the same refractive index as water, so objects are nearly full size, avoiding the 1/3 magnification caused in other masks by the image passing through three differently refractive materials (water/glass/air).

Use and Maintenance

The Sphera's Plexisol, lenses are protected inside are protected inside with a special fog-retarding treatment. To avoid damaging the inside of the lens and to preserve the anti-fog treatment, do not spit on it, or rub the lens with your fingers. Do not use anti-fog liquids other than the Aqualung recommended one. The use of Aqua Sphere Fog Proof solution will prolong the life of the treatment. 

Warning. Do not touch or rub the inside of lenses to avoid damage. Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, alcohol, and anti-fog liquids different from the recommended one. Do not dive face first into the water and avoid undue impact against the surface that could damage the mask structure causing injuries to the user. Do not look directly into the sun. This product is only intended to protect the eyes from direct contact with water.  Use in water only - not for Skydiving! Check every time that buckles and strap are working properly and for the absence of leaks. Do not use mask if showing defects, not working properly or causing skin irritations. Avoid, as far as possible, soaking the inside of the lenses.

Recommended Use. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of Category 1 has been manufactured to protect the user eyes from the direct contact with water. It complies with the EEC Directive 89/686. 

Cost. PHP 1,354.22 (USD29.90)
Use. Free Diving & SCUBA Diving
Manufacturer. Aqua Sphere, Aqualung, Italy

The long wait is over - Apple iOS 8 is now available for download through iTunes or through phone Wifi download. If you wanted to update it through the wifi update, you need to ensure that you have 4.7GB free space. If you have a gazillion of selfie photos, it's time to say bye bye. Backup. You can make more storage available by deleting your duck faces. I am sure that your an app collector - start digging those unused apps. Pretty sure you have also the newest Billboards Top Hits for September, I guess you need to say bye bye to your Frank Sinatra music.

Who can upgrade? If you've got an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, or a 1st generation iPad Mini though, you should consider staying behind. These are the oldest devices eligible to upgrade to iOS 8, and they could get sluggish. The iPhone 4s, for example, runs up to 50 percent slower at certain tasks, and the older iPads are unlikely to fair much better. It's possible that will improve with further iOS 8 updates! But for now you probably want to wait.

So, what's new?

User Interface

Updates on skin, theme and that candy-like feel of icons and use of pastel shades. 

Edit your Duck Face like a Pro.
More tools to edit your duck face selfie photo. Let's say a combination of Instagram's filter, color enhancement tools of VSCO, frames, timelapse, tilt, better searching, indexing and organisation of your 16GB worth of selfie.

Improved Messages
Let's say, if you have used Viber, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line, Yahoo Messenger, Skype - All in one.
Send message, attach, send pictures and videos, show map and direction for your booty calls, group message like Dear Pangga or Papa Joe.

T9 Dictionary, GO Keyboard, GO Launcher on iOS8?
A keyboard that autocorrects, predictive text, it learns your writing ability and choose of words, new third-party keyboard experiences - yes, something that of the Android counterpart, it's just its Apple. :p

Family Sharing, where are Dad's porn collection?
The family that stays together, organize things together and has only 1 photo album, 1 calendar, 1 music playlist... Yes, its just like Homegroup in Windows, its just its Apple.

iCloud Drive
Any kind of file on all your devices - duh!? Cloud technology!
Well good luck if you are in the Philippines. Better get a USB 16GB instead from CDR-King.

Health. How fat are you again?
An entirely new way to use your health and fitness information. Health app provides you with good tools to keep you healthy and young. Body measurements, exercises done, sleeping patterns and habits. Let's talk about fitness, all in one.

Got a Mac? iPhone? iPad? If you don't have any but just 1 Apple device, nevermind!
This feature simply let's you continue one task from one device to the other. From creating an email, writing a text message or even answering a phone call, all across devices. Isn't it amazing? Well yes it is, now get your self a Mac or an iPad! Shoo! Go! Oh, will work with Mac if you have OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Spotlight. Smarter Indexing Capability
Smarter way of searching - slide down and unlock all search possibilities. This feature is like that of instant search suggestions - maps, movies, wikipedia - on browsers. First introduce by Internet Explorer v8, then Chrome, then Firefox...
Now on iOS8,  its just its Apple.

So, what are you waiting for...
Download today and experience Windows & Android on Mac!
a five (5) million peso worth, 14k gold casket
I know what your thinking but yeah, whether you like it or not you will eventually die, right? So how much will it cost you to prepare as not to pest around with the ones who you left?

To simplify things, we have 2 types of plans. 
  1. Traditional Life Plans - These are anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package. Complete with value-added insurance coverage, transferable, assignable, and available at easy installment payments, St. Peter Traditional Life Plans provide outstanding DeathCare Services at very affordable prices.
  2. Life Plan with Moneyback - These are anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package and guarantee money back. An amount equivalent to 20% of the Contract Price based on annual mode of payment shall be returned to the Planholder each year beginning at the end of the 11th or the 16th year (depending on plan type) from date of effectivity until the end of the 15th or 20th year (depending on plan type) while the Planholder is still living.

As low as Php 550.00 per month, payable for 5 years. 
A total life plan of Php 33,000.00 / pre-need price
(St George Traditional Memorial Plan)

Get a plan today, contact Verge at 09328828733
Email him at

The Altar
As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, St. Peter does FREE SERVICE to infants who pass away, ages zero (0) - three (3) month old.

So what would the package include?
  1. A wood casket, split lid cover, full glass, elegant interiors, imported corners and handles
  2. Guaranteed Memorial Services - flowers, 4 day use of chapels / 9 day service at home
  3. Flexible instalment terms - very affordable instalment rates in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual modes of payment.
  4. Transferability - The plan holder may transfer the plan to another living person
  5. Assignability - you may assign the plan to any deceased person, provided that the balance, if any, is paid before a service is rendered. However, any insurance coverage provided to the transferor shall automatically terminate
  6. Unrendered Service  - Beneficiary may receive cash value according to a schedule if memorial service is not performed or the heirs, successors or assigns of the plan holder may opt to retain the plan for the memorial services only.
  7. Nationwide Service coverage - anywhere in the Philippines covered.
  8. e-Burol - service for online viewing during interment
Want more? Value Added Benefits included (for insurable person between 18-60 years)
  1. Additional Cash Benefit. The plan holder's beneficiaries shall receive 100% of the preneed price if the plan holder, who is within the insurable ages of 18 to 60 years at the time of purchase of the plan, dies during the paying period or within (5) years after the full payment of the plan and the plan holder has not reached the age of 65 upon death.
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment. The plan holder's beneficiaries shall receive a cash benefit equivalent to the pre-need price for the accidental loss of life, loss of both hands, both feet, sight of both eyes or a combination thereof, if the plan holder, who is within the insurable ages of 18-55 years old at the time of purchase of the plan, dies due to accident during the paying period and the plan holder has not reached the age of 60 upon death.
  3. Waiver of Instalment. The plan holder, who is within the insurable ages of 18 to 60 years at the time of purchase of the plan, is exempted from paying the instalment balance in the event of an uninterrupted disability of the least six months during the paying period and if the plan holder has not reach the age of 60 upon disability.
  4. Unpaid balance deemed paid. The unpaid balance is considered paid if the plan holder, who is within the insurable ages of 18 to 60 years at the time of purchase of the plan, passes away anytime within the paying period and if the plan hoder has not reached the age of 65 upon death.
It was a privilege to meet with Emz to show me around St Peter's Chapels' in Imus Road, Cebu City. She showed the process to take advantage of the offer and the benefits of it. Let me show you around.

Premium Caskets. Price ranging from PHP120K to 2M
Chapels can hold 75 to 200 people. Per Day Rental at Php35k.
But get a life plan and this is already included on the package
Added Service - Cremation at PHP25K service.
Will took about 2-3 hours to burn you! :p
A 14K Gold Casket
A large selection of colourful coffins to match your personally.

Faster autofocus, next-generation local tone mapping, and advanced noise reduction. It’s a mouthful that gives you a real eyeful.

Shots with iPhone 6.

The A8 chip includes a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor. 
The new ISP helps with both shaky hands and low light.

iPhone 6 is better at detecting faces near and far.
Because nobody deserves to be lost in the crowd.

Burst mode detects smiles and blinks, then recommends the best picture.
Get group shots without that one person blinking halfway through and ruining it for everybody.

Shot on iPhone 6 Plus using optical image stabilization. 
Getting a great shot in low light used to be tough.

iPhone 6 has incredible advances in video. Starting with a new Apple-designed video encoder. Capture slo-mo video at 120 fps or 240 fps. And. That. Is. Really. Slow.

iPhone 6 has improved face detection for selfies and group selfies. Get your (duck) face ready.

Single-shot HDR photos.
It uses the new sensor to automatically take a single HDR photo when the moment is perfect.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with iOS 8.
It’s the biggest iOS release ever with great new features for users and developers.

Add voice, video, and location to any message.

The predictive keyboard learns your conversation style and helps you answer accordingly.

The new Health app gives you a detailed look at your health and fitness data.

Notification extensions from your favorite apps.

Touch ID lets you securely and easily access content in other apps.

There's so much more to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus than a bigger display.

All-new design. 
Retina HD display. 
A8 processor. 
New barometer. 
Advanced wireless. 
Improved iSight camera. 
Amazing HD video. 
And iOS 8.

Apple is committed to building products that meet the highest environmental standards.

New Apple-designed silicone cases.
They fit iPhone 6 perfectly. Available in six colors, including red.

New leather cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Rich colors, sumptuous fit and finish. Available in five colors, including red.


iPhone 6 starts at $199 with a two-year contract.
It comes in gold, silver, and space gray.

iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 with a two-year contract.
It comes in gold, silver, and space gray.

It’s the most incredible iPhone lineup yet.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available September 19 in these countries. 
And more soon after. Add it to your calendar.

Pre-order your iPhone 6 starting September 12. 

iOS 8 is supported on these devices. 
And it’s available as a free download September 17.